Enexishuis Zwolle

Maquette of ‘Enexis huis’. Zwolle area.
36 PV modules connected to 3 pc. SMA Sunny Boy inverters (1 per fase of grid) with bluetooth communication for monitoring the PV system.
Schueco 1000 l buffer includes stainless steel heat exchanger for domestic hot water. (freshwater system) Insulated Schueco solar pump station with SOLO controller, fill and de-air system.
Schüco Premium ‘Ganz-Dach’ system. 36 Schüco Premium PV modules (2100 x 1000 mm, 360 Wp mono each = 11,5 kWp in total), 3 Schüco Premium thermal collectors and 7 Fakro roofwindows in the same Schüco Premium raster. Thermal collectors connected to 1000 l heating water buffer. Well regeneration with thermal collectors during summer time.

More information of Enexishuis/Econexishuis: https://www.enexishuis.nl/zwolle/